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Author: Sue Thomason

How to get fit using the power of your mind.

You have always been a natural athlete and exercise is a pleasure for you, you just don’t know it yet. All you need is mental rehearsal. Sports psychologists teach it to footballers & tennis players – all professional athletes use it. Why don’t you?  Some people wake up feeling eager to run, swim, play tennis, go to the gym. Exercise makes them happy, not exercising makes them miserable. You might be one of these people. But if you can’t identify with loving exercise, it’s likely you force yourself to endure the agony because you think you should. If this is you, you could...

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Arguing is good for you.

Who left the ******* toilet seat up again? What the **** did you say that for? What the **** time do you call this? We’ve all been there. Couples argue on average once a fortnight and for most people, it’s a part of life. But if you’re the type who keeps silent to avoid any type of conflict, you could be doing yourself more harm than good and a blow out row might be just what you need. Here’s how to do it... Women who force themselves to stay quiet during ‘marital’ arguments have a higher risk of death,...

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Four questions can change your life. Is it true?

How many times have you been told to sort your life out and thought: if only? It all seems so complicated. So many problems, so much to fix about yourself and your life. What if you could solve any problem by asking yourself four simple questions? Byron Katie says you can. Charismatic Katie’s guidance is more like cognitive therapy than psychobabble. It’s a simple and pragmatic way of getting you to take responsibility for your own problems. It brings those who ask these questions a special kind of peace of mind. Sarah Kenny discovers The Work for herself to...

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Life unretouched. Images of real beauty.

On Instagram this week model Ashley Graham has posted some gorgeous swimsuit shots for Swimwear For All and it’s so strange to our poor tortured eyes to see an unedited image of a woman’s body, the media has highlighted it as a main story. Retouched images of unattainable beauty are often all we get to see. So it’s fantastic that models like Ashley and women all over the world are posting photos of themselves as they really are. All of us can counteract the negative influences of the mainstream media with a quick social media search for content that isn’t...

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Lena Dunham is naked (again) in this photo.

Not this one, obviously, the one below from her Instagram feed. Lena Dunham has appeared nude so many times, it’s surprising to see her with her clothes on. But these aren’t clothes. The whole outfit is body paint. The first thing people ask when I say my mother is a photographer is “wow, you must have so many amazing pictures of you!” While there are a couple of great childhood snaps, they are often by an aunt or my father—really anyone BUT my mom. Her work has focused primarily on dolls and objects. But when she started to take...

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