Beautiful magazine is part of a new movement of women who want to look like no one else and be their true selves. Women who refuse to be pushed into a category based on appearance, age, neurology, mental or physical differences. We are rejecting the media’s negative influence over our lives and creating our own magazines, films, audio, TV, fashion and, well, everything!

Beautiful magazine launched in 2010 and we are the first mainstream UK women’s magazine dedicated to body diversity and building self-esteem. Our glossy print issues were sold in Tesco stores and Arcadia Group shops UK wide.

Beautiful was shortlisted to win at the first UK Government’s Body Confidence Awards. We were amongst six finalists including Gok’s Teens, Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman and the Guardian Weekend magazine. The winner was Caitlin Moran, but as Beautiful was an independent magazine it was a great achievement to take our place with these established media. To be shortlisted felt fabulous and it was an amazing and unexpected reward for the hard work we’ve done to help change women’s media to be more in line with reality. We want to thank the judges who voted us into the shortlist and to our readers for nominating us. Thank you!

We are change.

Women are coming together to influence the mainstream media with a force that has never been seen before.

In a reversal of the balance of power, instead of the media controlling us, we are starting to direct the media. Discovering how good it is to feel empowered rather than controlled, we’re choosing our entertainment and influences to fit in with our own ideals.

We’re no longer sitting back and accepting the messages designed to harm us.

We are still consumers with a desire to shop. We want to make the most of ourselves and to feel and look amazing. As long as it’s our own idea of amazing. We refuse to be constantly fed information with the subtle (or not so subtle) message that we’re ugly if we don’t eradicate every natural curve, every line or wrinkle or spend all our waking hours on physical self ‘improvement’. We’ve got better things to do with our time.

Women are turning away from media that destroy self-esteem and are becoming loyal to brands that don’t patronize or apply pressure or tell us that we need to be fixed.

Magazines can and do create negative self-image. Negative self-image harms us in so many ways, including causing eating disorders, anxiety, social fear, depression, low self-esteem, misery, and insecurity.

Studies show that the more negatively you see yourself and your world, the less likely you are to take care of your physical and mental health.

So isn’t it time for women to come together to change the media so that it’s a positive influence on us instead of a negative one? Do it for yourself, do it for your mother, your sister and your daughter!

When we first started out in 2010, we were the only magazine dedicated to putting your wellbeing first. Women have the power to choose media that supports our mental and physical health. Choose Beautiful magazine. Choose yourself.

Gorgeous layouts from the print issue of Beautiful, designed by Kevin Gilmour.