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Author: Rose Wadham

Make friends with the bully in your head.

One in five UK adults experiences anxious or self-deprecating thoughts all day, every day, according to the Office of National Statistics. Rose Wadham has had enough of it. No longer prepared to share her head with Judge Judy and Nelson from The Simpsons, she went on a mini-odyssey in an attempt to evict them. Here’s how she fared… I’m so TIRED of asking people how they are and being fed a lily-livered “Fine thanks” in reply, when they clearly resemble Nosferatu with M.E. How I wish we could all stop being so bloody British about how well we’re ‘bearing...

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Get pummelled in Glasgow

By pummelled we mean in a spa by way of massage, obvs! Writer Rose Wadham went for a weekend break at the gorgeous Blythswood Square Hotel in Glasgow. She tells it as it is…  With its marble columns, palatial black and white chequered hall and plentiful minions, when I arrived at the Blythswood Square I half expected to be met by the emperor Nero. I collapsed into a womb-like crimson velvet love seat and, instead of Nero, a bellboy with a Burt Reynolds smile took my bags. “I’ll just pop you and your wee bag in here,” he said in...

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