On Instagram this week model Ashley Graham has posted some gorgeous swimsuit shots for Swimwear For All and it’s so strange to our poor tortured eyes to see an unedited image of a woman’s body, the media has highlighted it as a main story.

Retouched images of unattainable beauty are often all we get to see. So it’s fantastic that models like Ashley and women all over the world are posting photos of themselves as they really are. All of us can counteract the negative influences of the mainstream media with a quick social media search for content that isn’t so soul destroying. So we thought we’d make it easy for you by collecting our favourite Instagram posts that definitely fall in with what we’d call #BeautifulMagUKreal. So with improving your body image and overall self-image and self-esteem, we thought we’d show you our favourite Instagram posts from the past week with the hashtag #unretouched so you can reset your unconscious with what normal looks like. Starting with Ashley, of course.

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